Wrapping up 2023

We are right at the end of 2023, getting ready for the holidays which is a great moment to wind down and reflect a bit on the last year. And it’s been a year full of awesome things!


I didn’t actually go to that many conferences this year, I focused on two which I found really interesting.

MVP Summit

Okay, this is not open to everyone but I was truly humbled to be invited to the MVP Summit, the infamous event all MVPs talk so much about. This time it was apparently smaller than previous years, but it was still an awesome event! Met a lot of people I’ve only seen on stage, in calls or in social media. It was a blast!

WP Ninja Summit

I was really excited to be selected as a speaker at the WP Ninja Summit 2023. I was not to happy with my own performance however since one of my two session got really really short. But I was nervous, talked fast and maybe I didnt have as much content as I anticipated. The other one went really well however, and we had great discussions in the room!

I’m really happy that we have such a great, quite large, device focused event in Europe and that it’s not only MMS that gets all the attention. Microsoft had a lot of great speakers flying in, and there were also a lot of great speakers from the community showing up.

Really hoping to go back in 2024!

Windows, Windows 365 & Intune

We have seen a lot of cool stuff during 2023, so many innovations and news that I honestly have a hard time remembering them all.

For Windows 365 I’ve been most excited about the switch and boot features. Switch makes life so much easier using Windows 365 in the everyday work, easily switching context with Win + tab.

Windows 365 Boot is another great feature that I think we will see grow as time goes. We are heading in to a more sustainability focused market, which will result in that devices will have longer life. Windows 365 Boot is a great way to extend the life of a computer!

Personal development

Leadership training

One thing that I have for many years now found interesting and want to develop my skills within is leadership. I’ve been part of one training at a previous company I worked for, targeted at leaders without direct reports which was really interesting.

I’m currently taking part in a leadership program at my current employer where 12 people have been hand picked as potential leaders in the organization based on nominations from their closest manager. I feel really fortunate that I can be a part of this, but it has also made me realize that maybe I should explore other things than just being a techie.

I’ve often gotten the feedback that “you would be such a great manager” and looking back at the trainee program I was a part during my time at Microsoft we did get a lot of leadership training (even if it was never called that).

It will be exciting to see where this takes me!

Looking forward to 2024

I’m really excited about what 2024 will bring, both from a technology perspective but almost more from a personal development perspective.

2024 will probably be the year of AI and I’m curious to see how that will actually impact the whole device management and workplace service business. I’m suspecting that it will impact it quite a lot…

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