2022 – a short recap

Okay, I should have done a better title for this. But here we are!

So, 2022 is over and what a year it has been! I honestly don’t remember half of what has happened, but I thought I would do a few personal highlights from the year.


This was the biggest thing for me personally in 2022, that I got awarded as an MVP for my contributions around Windows and Windows 365. I’m truly honored and so grateful to be part of such an awesome group of people!

So far only a few months into the journey, and I’ve gotten to know cool people, participated in really cool events. I hope 2023 has even more to bring in this area!

The fact that during my first week as an MVP I got invited to a small exclusive Microsoft customer connection program summit completely blew me away, and I’m haven’t really been able to wrap my head around this even now.

Microsoft Ignite is back in business

One of the highlights from 2022 was that Microsoft once again hosted a physical Microsoft Ignite. It was different than past years, but it was great to be able to go to Microsoft home turf for an event again! The event being different was probably the big talk afterwards, not meeting everyone’s expectations since the focus this time was to have a hybrid event.

I’m already looking forward to the 2023 edition of Ignite, and I think I will try to be there.

Events, events, events

2022 was for me the year that events were back, and also the year that I entered the stage as a speaker, not only participating. This was a lot of fun and thank you again to Teamsdagen for having me!

There were also a lot of other events, user groups and other recorded sessions which I was invited to, which was a great experience. There are also some stuff which got recorded 2022 which will be released during 2023 which I’m really excited for!

Remote working is here to stay

2022 was also a year that once again proved that remote working and hybrid work is here to stay.

We keep talking about it being “time to go back to the offices”, but I would say it’s rather clear that this is not where the market is heading at the moment, even though some louds voices are doubting this trend. I’ve written numerous posts about this in the past, and this is something I’m still a firm believer in. Hybrid work is the future, and you should go to the office with a purpose!

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